Website design

Fighters of the invisible front
If you haven’t guessed yet, then I mean META tags. Their role is not noticeable when displaying the page. These are just commands for a web server or browser, but…

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The browsers we choose
Now let's talk about browsers. And what to say about them, you say, and so everything is clear - this is the program with which we look at Web pages.…

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What to write in the text call-to-action on the site?
Practically on any commercial site, whether it be a corporate portal, an online store or a modest site like a “business card”, visitors have a so-called call-to-action - a call…

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Programs used in web-mastering

So what kind of programs do you need? Below I will give specific categories of programs with explanations of why they are needed.

Raster graphics processing program
one of the most important programs that you have to master. She will help you when scanning photos and their correction. With this program you can create those unimaginable effects that you see on the Internet, ads, etc. In my opinion, the following skills are mandatory for this class of programs:

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Computer hardware configuration

What is described below suggests that you want to make a beautiful and stylish website completely do-it-yourself, i.e. you draw all the graphic elements yourself, write the pages yourself, scan and finish the photos yourself …

So, what is the hardware of a web designer? First you need to say right away that you will not need the weakest computer. It should support a resolution of 800×600 pixels with TrueColor color depth, have at least 32-64M memory, be equipped with a CD-ROM, it is very desirable that there is also a scanner and a Continue reading

How to create an attractive website?

So, you want to make a useful, beautiful and convenient site. What is needed for this? What factors influence the popularity of a website? What is the best place to start creating your own website? And what mistakes can lie in wait on this path?

I tried to highlight the main reasons that, in my personal opinion, affect the popularity of the site:

Content or content is one of the most important components. If the site does not have useful information that can interest a certain circle of people, then we can raise the question of the need for the existence of the site as such. Remember how many useful pages you saw recently in comparison with the total number of Continue reading

Is the UX design right for you? 8 character traits

Going to build a career in IT, many face difficulties in choosing a profession. We’ll show you how to check if the UX design is right for you.

There are many articles on how to get started with UX design, courses where it is taught the basics, and lists of skills and competencies that are worth the usability. But everyone forgets that there is personal compatibility. So before you start investing in training, you should make sure that you have the qualities necessary in this profession.

Usability Kelvin Pedzai has chosen eight character traits that every UX designer needs. Pezai relied on research conducted by Nielsen Norman among more than a thousand UX designers, and supplemented the resulting material with tips from top designers from companies such as Netflix, eBay, BuzzFeed and GoPro. We have adapted the article for our readers. Continue reading

Design professions

Almost every profession has its own specializations. A web designer can only create landings or engage exclusively in the development of corporate sites, and a specialist in advertising graphics can work in Photoshop without owning 3D packages.

Web Designer
More than a thousand new resumes of web designers appear on every month, which indicates high competition in the profession. But you should not be afraid of this: there are few good specialists, so develop skills.

The list of responsibilities of a web designer can vary greatly depending on the position and level of payment, but each designer should be able to: Continue reading

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