Website design

JavaScript and the object model
Scripting languages ​​in some way turned the world around, and it was thanks to them that DHTML appeared, which allows you to do almost anything with the page. As you…

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Split screen
One of the most noticeable trends in website design for 2017 is the split of the screen into two parts. More and more web projects are using a similar layout…

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8 Tips for Creating a Hero Image Banner for a Website
Does the user only need 50 milliseconds to form an opinion on any site? Web developers and designers really have very little time to make a good impression on a…

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The difference between UI and UX

Today there will be a guest post on the topic of UX and UI interfaces using the Icons8 service as an example. The author is a usability specialist Andrei Burmistrov, the text is published in the first person.

I know what you think: well, another attempt to impose your opinion on the controversial and always discussed topic “What is the difference between UX and UI?”

Yes, you understood correctly.

The only difference between my article and other similar ones is that I will explain the differences between these two concepts using practical examples from my personal experience (as a usability Continue reading

How to improve the online registration form on the site

On the Internet, the registration procedure is found to us as often as the form of authorization on sites. You have to register to perform: in all kinds of web services that help you find the information you need, free distribution of materials, online stores, social networks, etc. At such moments, the feeling of joy from an interesting find instantly disappears due to the need to fill in endless input fields (besides, sometimes completely superfluous).

As a rule, all this is inconvenient, takes a lot of time and looks too intrusive. Plus, a person can reasonably be alerted to the requirement to provide data about himself, since this violates his privacy (and privacy is Continue reading

Creating the perfect landing page (for example, successful sites)

There is nothing more exciting in working on a site than when all the specialists join their own efforts to create a new ideal landing page or the main page of a web project. Designers, illustrators, marketers, programmers, and even the strategic management department, all work as a single team. During development, some SEO details are added, the strategy of attracting customers is optimized, icons are invented, etc.

Today we want to share tips on creating a landing page, which are likely to be useful in solving this problem. The current article is a translation of this note. Yes, and in general there are quite a lot of useful Continue reading

Why does minimal design rule

If you want to create a website, then the main rule to follow is not to overdo it. This is not the first year that web designers have been helped by the so-called minimalistic design. By the way, he is now at the peak of his popularity. Today we will try to figure out what this style is and what its main advantages are.

What is minimal design?

In general, this concept can be defined as the most concise style, characterized by simplicity and accuracy. Basic elements (colors and fonts) are also used with emphasis on simplicity and with extremely limited palettes, which most often may include only one or more color / font variations. Continue reading

Furniture site design

Immediately after the publication of the post with the best examples of furniture sites, we came across an interesting English-language article with a similar theme. It contains a selection of tips and nuances for creating furniture sites with clear illustrations of typical solutions, as well as a description of errors that you definitely won’t want to repeat.

It was always interesting to work with projects of this category, since they are closely related to the interior or architecture, and the products themselves, as a rule, have an exquisite taste. Based on the experience of designers and web developers, the article Best Furniture Website Design Examples explores factors that help Continue reading

What can reduce conversion on landing pages?
Landing pages are landing pages of a site to which visitors get from search, contextual advertising or other channels. As a rule, landing pages of a site contain an offer…


How to create a color palette for sites or web interfaces
In Design Mania, there have already been several publications with similar topics: in a note about color matching services for websites, in addition to inspiration resources, we examined a couple…


What can reduce conversion on landing pages?
Landing pages are landing pages of a site to which visitors get from search, contextual advertising or other channels. As a rule, landing pages of a site contain an offer…


Web Design Trends 2015
Many areas of activity are subject to the influence of fashion, including web design. And, for example, even before the onset of 2015, both web design specialists and potential website…