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Furniture site design

Immediately after the publication of the post with the best examples of furniture sites, we came across an interesting English-language article with a similar theme. It contains a selection of tips and nuances for creating furniture sites with clear illustrations of typical solutions, as well as a description of errors that you definitely won’t want to repeat.

It was always interesting to work with projects of this category, since they are closely related to the interior or architecture, and the products themselves, as a rule, have an exquisite taste. Based on the experience of designers and web developers, the article Best Furniture Website Design Examples explores factors that help make furniture website designs as effective and unique as possible.

This question is actually very relevant, because Currently, nearly 60% of small / medium business owners are actively creating new or improving existing web resources. Unlike traditional inspiring collections of colorful website designs, etc. Below you will find real tips and UX / UI solutions that will make the interface more attractive and workable.

Features of creating a furniture site
First of all, consider what factors you need to pay special attention in order to distinguish your project from the rest.

Colors that appeal to your target audience
Eye-catching colors
In the minds of people, the viewed web resource will, as a rule, be associated directly with the products being released. Why not enhance this effect and at the same time add even more consumer confidence to your company?

If you sell wood furniture, use brown tones and woody textures. For metal products, choose shades of white and silver, you can even add a few shiny details, but do not overdo it, otherwise it will produce a deterrent effect.

When creating a website design for furniture, you must be sure that the color palette everywhere matches its content and purpose – this will be a confirmation of your painstaking and conscientious attitude to work.

Simplicity of layout
Simple design
The structure of the web resource in this niche is being developed like any other commercial project or online store. It should have the following components:

Header (or header) – block at the top of the page. Here are links to the most important sections: “Product Catalog”, “Collections”, “About Us”, “Contacts” (see the article about the effective design of the website header).
Content is represented by a catalog of goods, banners with special offers, articles describing products, customer reviews, etc.
A footer is a block at the bottom of the screen where additional useful information is displayed to visitors.
Media content
Media content
Do not forget that the presence of meaningful media content is a prerequisite for successful online trading – it makes the furniture site more personalized and attractive to customers. Photos should be of high quality, taken from different angles and with the ability to zoom.

Each photo should have an appropriate file name and alternative text with a brief description of the image (it gives an additional effect in search engine optimization). You can also use 3D-images of interiors containing interactive elements with links to product pages.

Convenient navigation
Convenient navigation
Finding information will be ineffective without intuitive navigation. The design of the furniture site provides the same navigation as other online stores:

product categories at the top of the page (header) or in the sidebar (sidebar);
a furniture catalog sorted by popular parameters: for example, products for commercial or residential premises; used at home or outdoors; wood or glass furniture;
visual feedback form;
checkout in one click.
Make your site’s custom itinerary longer with a list of recommended products or additional information on the product page about furniture items that work well in the same interior.

Professional blog
Professional blog
Content is often called the king of marketing, and indeed, the original blog can significantly increase the level of customer confidence in the manufacturer / seller. When developing your project, be sure to create a separate page with articles in which, for example, interior designers give useful tips on using your products in real life.

Calls to Action
Calls to Action
Effective Calls to Action (CTAs) are a must-have when selling online stores. A few buttons asking you to subscribe to newsletters or information about special offers can be very useful.

Another option for CTA is the request of buyers to share their favorite product on social networks, the number of likes / shares can affect the purchase decision and increase the awareness of potential buyers about the brand.

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