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Why does minimal design rule

If you want to create a website, then the main rule to follow is not to overdo it. This is not the first year that web designers have been helped by the so-called minimalistic design. By the way, he is now at the peak of his popularity. Today we will try to figure out what this style is and what its main advantages are.

What is minimal design?

In general, this concept can be defined as the most concise style, characterized by simplicity and accuracy. Basic elements (colors and fonts) are also used with emphasis on simplicity and with extremely limited palettes, which most often may include only one or more color / font variations.

Details and free space are the main factors that shape the aesthetics of this trend. You can find many interesting works on the topic at

minimalistic design

Modern minimalism in web design
It can often be found in elements of flat (Flat) layouts or in material design (Material Design). The basic concept and characteristics over time remain virtually unchanged, for example:

Many people prefer to create projects in predominantly white and black color schemes.
As a rule, designers leave a lot of free space – especially for areas around the central image.
Sans-serif fonts are also used.
The above items are not the basic requirements of a minimalistic design, but they are quite common and can serve as peculiar indicators of style, regardless of the period of time.

What is really important in modern minimalism is a special emphasis on one type of content, without competition with other elements. It can be a photo, logo or a simple block of text.

Navigation, contact information and other objects are almost always less noticeable in the layout (although they may be present in the form of a hamburger menu or appear when scrolling).

minimalistic design

Recently, designers have also begun to include animation in such sites, following the trends and wanting to make the web page more “lively” and interactive. However, one must be extremely careful with this. Animation should be unobtrusive, and performed in the same style (colors, font, etc.) as the main design.

Another important trend in minimalism is the size of the text. Artists prefer sharp calibration – super-small or giant labels with a contrasting background and simple images. High contrast is great for creating focus in a simple structure and emphasizing “right” content.

Minimal Design Benefits
Now let’s move on to the most interesting, namely, to the advantages of this area and their use in real projects.

1. Lack of tinsel and mess
What is excessive is not sensible. Creating a mock-up is very easy to get carried away, include everything you can and get a “bad dish of good ingredients” as a result. As we said above, one of the most important principles of minimalism is not to litter the site with unnecessary objects that the user can do without. Each of the elements can be beautiful and functional in itself, but when they are assembled together, they begin to distract and spoil the overall picture.

As an example, let’s take the MotoCMS interior design studio template:

Interior Design Studio Template

The first thing we pay attention to is the contrasting central unit and the text heading. Further, the look falls on the categories / services of the company, where the visitor can immediately find what he needs. Nothing extra. Thanks to this, the layout is very popular.

By removing unnecessary details and simplifying it, you get a clean visual image that is easily perceived by the audience. Find more of these solutions in our selection of minimalistic MotoCMS templates.

2. Focus on the important
Along with reducing clutter, a minimalistic design will help you focus on the most significant elements of a web page. By making them more visible, you will show site visitors what you should pay special attention to, and you can significantly increase the conversion of the project.

Focus on the important
3. Increase creativity
The limitations of the minimalist style actually force the designer to use more creativity. Most often, it’s much more difficult to remove and discard any details so that only the main thing remains in the template. Therefore, the search for simple solutions for the most effective implementation is a rather useful aspect of creativity, which contributes to the development of non-standard thinking of the performer.

4. Usability
Obviously, a layout with fewer elements is much easier to work with. For example, take the social network Facebook – it has a million features, thousands of different items, and quite a few distractions. An ordinary user needs to spend quite a long time to learn how to use the platform and how to behave on it. This is really difficult for many.

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