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Creating the perfect landing page (for example, successful sites)

There is nothing more exciting in working on a site than when all the specialists join their own efforts to create a new ideal landing page or the main page of a web project. Designers, illustrators, marketers, programmers, and even the strategic management department, all work as a single team. During development, some SEO details are added, the strategy of attracting customers is optimized, icons are invented, etc.

Today we want to share tips on creating a landing page, which are likely to be useful in solving this problem. The current article is a translation of this note. Yes, and in general there are quite a lot of useful resources on the network: on the blog we already wrote about the OnePageLove and Land Book services, where you can find the best examples of designs in the niche, there is also a publication about landing page optimization and many others.

However, here we will tell and show how best to find the right sites for inspiration when developing a landing page, and then apply all the best in your projects.

Perfect landing page

How to find sites that have a lot to learn.
Analysis on the example of three options.
We use the learned information.
Find companies with similar objectives
A great way to find a source of inspiration is to find companies that deal with problems similar to yours.

Think about what serious task you are trying to accomplish? – and this should concern branding, and not issues of development and improvement of products. Think big!

That is, instead of a straightforward approach:

“Pug owners using special retractable leashes find them too long for a cafe.”

Try something like:

“Lets feel comfortable in new places.”

After such radical changes in thinking, you will stop combing the sites of Pet Products stores, and move your eyes to the AirBnb online site for searching and renting housing around the world.

Example No. 2. Suppose your company is trying to solve the problem of the lack of a common means of communication between developers, designers and business. If we consider this area, then the leading projects with similar aspirations and goals will be: Airtable, Intercom and Slack.

Common goals
All these companies have extensive experience working with a wide audience in terms of finding new ways to demonstrate existing proposals. They try to attract the attention of users with the help of an effective visual component and a bright color palette, as well as the creators of this site.

New landing page design trends
Returning from futuristic 2018 a year or two ago, one immediately recalls the design trends that were popular at that time with full-screen images and videos with auto playback.

The corporate messenger Slack, who developed the messaging application, chose the photo of the rover as the main image for the design of the landing page.

Landing page design
Or, for example, a solution from Airtable: is it possible to find something more attractive than an interactive database? – yes, these are children using an interactive database.

Landing page design
Now take a look at the future:

Airtable – February 2018

Intercom – launch February 5th, 2018

Slack – August 2017

Training on the example of successful sites
What makes the landing page perfect? Unfortunately, there is no simple formula or unambiguous answer. However, based on the three options above, we can say with confidence – these companies have a team of talented designers who are constantly improving the appearance of projects, as well as specialists to attract customers who optimize the site.

Let’s look at the four main elements that are displayed in the upper (visible) part of the page and form the main impression of the user.

Perfect landing page
1. Header block
For landing pages, the design of the site header may differ from classic corporate and other web projects.

Landing Header
The main observations on the header:

It is very attractive and voluminous.
It remains at the very top of the screen (except for Intercom – there is a fixed menu when scrolling).
5-6 links.
There is an element for a call to action (CTA). The best option for Intercom – the CTA button is combined with a request for an email address.
2. Title and subtitle
Landing heading and subheading
What immediately catches your eye:

Short title: 3-5 words.
The text should be clear, dark in color and in bold.
The subtitle contains the following information: who we are, what we can do, what are our advantages.
3. Main illustration
The time has already passed when images of motorcycles rushing through the tunnel were used to demonstrate fast content management. Now is the era of funny graphics, which makes it easy to browse the site and work with its contents.

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