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10 key trends in logo design 2018

Last year’s post on logo logo trends 2017 was well received by readers, so we decided to continue this “tradition” and consider the main trends in logo design 2018. Despite the fact that in the field of web design changes are happening at lightning speed, some points from that article remained the same and “migrated” in the current year.

Perhaps the site design trends are faster than the niche of logo development, or too little time has passed since the publication of the previous article (7-8 months) + now it’s only the beginning of the year. In the summer, be sure to revise this text and add to it with new chips, if any.

In general, we hope that translating an article on Thenextweb with a list of 10 logo 2018 trends will help to better understand where the industry is heading. Those who work in this direction will probably be interested in reading some analytical materials on the topic, and not just looking at examples of logos for inspiration.

Image simplification
Simplification of the form
The essence of the approach is to bring your original version to some basic elements, making its style simple and minimalistic. This trend in logo design 2018 is in demand largely due to the development of Internet technologies and a cross-platform environment: today the logo should look good on any medium, from a business card to an Internet site and a mobile application. That is why many large companies have tweaked the graphics of their brand, making its silhouettes more clear.

Logos with simple shapes.
Logos and simple shapes
The combination of the most legible font and simple geometric shapes (lines, dots, squares, circles) continues to gain ground. This direction, which appeared in 2017, is now becoming increasingly popular. What is so special about him?

Firstly, such an implementation is simple and consistent (good examples: Google, Nike, Samsung).
Secondly, simple graphic elements give the image a balanced impression.
Thirdly, when used wisely, geometric shapes are quite a spectacular visual solution that will distinguish your brand from a group of competitors.
Vertical lettering designs
Letter designs
Here is another very interesting and relevant trend of 2018 logos. The main point is to facilitate the perception of a long word or phrase by breaking it into separate parts and placing them one above the other. This refined and elegant reception was extremely common in 2016-2017 and the campaign will continue to hold its position this year.

Designs from letters go well with contrasting colors. A win-win option to create an original result that can attract the attention of potential customers.

Coats of arms
Coats of arms
Like last year, many brands try to imitate ancient coats of arms, emblems, stamps, etc. The text is usually located inside a circle or its half, plus dates are actively used. Restrained shades and clear lines create a distinctive retro style. Such decisions are associated with tradition, heritage and longevity.

Design “slices” (slices)
The so-called “slices” are also noticeable in the logo trends of 2018 – these are wide parallel lines, as if “cutting” the image. We think that over time this method will become even more popular, for a number of reasons:

Firstly, slices make the logo easier to read.
Secondly, the use of visual illusions (negative space) and various effects is allowed.
Last but not least, the argument is that technology can give objects a three-dimensional feel.
Negative space
Negative space
This technique is well known, it has been actively used for several years now, and this year will not be an exception. All this time, the trend did not stand still: at first it was used to create trademarks, and then came the turn of logos. Now you can find a lot of examples of shapes and pictures hidden between or inside letters.

Games with text
Games with text
Despite the popularity of the field of logo design, the possibilities of designing text as an important branding tool have not yet been fully explored. Designers are actively experimenting with kerning, indentation, font combinations, etc. The illustrations to this paragraph show that a good result can be achieved by just connecting a little imagination. Will this logo trend develop in 2018? – Definitely yes!

Gradients and color transition
Gradients and color transition
In 2016-2017, graphic designers literally rediscovered the benefits of the gradient, and it is unlikely that the trend will soon lose its relevance. The color transition can be successfully applied both to text and to an image, especially if you need to get a massive bold font that takes up a lot of space at the output.

When bright colors are superimposed on each other, you can achieve a completely new shade that will add depth to your picture.

10 key trends in logo design 2018
Last year's post on logo logo trends 2017 was well received by readers, so we decided to continue this “tradition” and consider the main trends in logo design 2018. Despite…


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