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Design professions

Almost every profession has its own specializations. A web designer can only create landings or engage exclusively in the development of corporate sites, and a specialist in advertising graphics can work in Photoshop without owning 3D packages.

Web Designer
More than a thousand new resumes of web designers appear on every month, which indicates high competition in the profession. But you should not be afraid of this: there are few good specialists, so develop skills.

The list of responsibilities of a web designer can vary greatly depending on the position and level of payment, but each designer should be able to:

to develop a unique design for different types of sites,
design site structure and navigation,
understand the basics of usability and layout,
be able to work in the main graphic editors (Figma, Sketch, Photoshop),
work with typography.

Game Designer
Many designers decide to take CGI courses just for the sake of being able to work in the gaming industry. Game development is a fascinating and complex field, but those who dream of creating their own world in the style of the legendary World of Warcraft, The Witcher or GTA are not afraid of difficulties. It is important to understand that game design is a whole area that is divided into separate specializations. So, for example, the creation of the game world involves the study of space and locations, as well as their connection with the idea of ​​the game. Level design requires attention to the landscape and the location of characters and objects in a specific location, and content development includes the creation of characters, missions, puzzles and objects.

It is difficult to clearly define the responsibilities of the designer of the gaming industry – a lot depends on the size of the project, the number of specialists involved and the direction you choose.

UX Designer
The User Experience concept is extensive, so there is no generally accepted definition for this specialty. UX includes information structure, visual design, usability and user comfort level when interacting with interfaces. If explained as simply as possible, then UX-design is the creation of simple and intuitive to use interfaces. It’s difficult to become a specialist in this field of design, but it’s very interesting, because in the process you’ll have to analyze the behavior of users, predict their desires and look for the most unbanal solutions.

For this specialty, it is important to know not only UX, but also UI – most often they are looking for a specialist who is well versed in both directions. Speaking specifically about UX, such a designer is engaged in:

developing a user interface concept,
prototyping and designing interfaces
analysis and A / B testing,
the formation of checklists and scenarios of user interaction with the interface,
consultation of the design team.

UX design
Create effective and useful solutions with a new, unique design approach. During the course, you will learn how to do not just visually attractive projects, but also radically change the thinking of the business.

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Product Designer
A product designer is a person orchestra capable of taking on the responsibilities of a designer, analyst, programmer or manager, depending on what is needed for the project. The global task is to develop a convenient information product and work out scenarios of user interaction with this product.

Outlining the responsibilities of a product designer is not easy – too much depends on the project and the number of specialists involved in the work. Sometimes it is only necessary to control the project and direct it in the right direction, and sometimes it is necessary to replace one or even several specialists in order to successfully complete the work.

Specialist in Advertising Graphics and Technical Design
We wrote about what CGI is recently, but, to put it simply, such specialists are engaged in creating powerful advertising campaigns, creating whole worlds for movies and games, as well as doing retouching and working in 3D packages. We will not deceive you: to become successful in this area, you will have to spend a lot of time developing skills, but it’s worth it – this is a very exciting and profitable area.

It is important to understand that some specialists in this field work in 3D, some only in Photoshop, and some are fluent in several programs. In general, the task of a specialist in advertising graphics is to create photorealistic visualization based on the provided sketch.

Augmented Reality Designer
This specialist must have the skills of a programmer, and also have a good understanding of history, because his task is to create various layers of augmented reality for a specific territory. So, this specialist can create several versions of New York’s Five Points Square, each of which will reflect one or another period of its history.

Now this area is only developing, so the list of responsibilities is very difficult to determine. Often, such specialists have to solve new and non-standard tasks on each project, but this is precisely the specialty that attracts designers.

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