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B2B usability sites: what is important to consider?

Sites of the “business for business” format, known as B2B, usually provide for a slightly different scenario for interacting with visitors than sites such as “business for customer”. Therefore, the approach to developing sites of these two different types cannot be the same. In particular, when creating B2B sites, it is important to think about the specifics of their usability.

Companies operating in the business-to-business segment are focused, as a rule, not on a one-time sale of goods or the provision of services, but on long-term cooperation. B2B sites of such companies should fully reflect this concept, helping visitors to get a truly reliable partner with whom it is profitable and pleasant to work.

B2B sites are as diverse as the companies for which they are created, and there simply cannot be a universal scenario for building site interaction with visitors. Therefore, we list some common basic features of the usability of B2B sites.

Post-transaction support

Since, as already mentioned, the interaction of a potential client with a B2B site involves long-term cooperation, it is very important for visitors to know who and how they can contact for support after purchasing a product or performing a service. So information on further support should be present on the B2B site.

Customer reviews

Feedback from people who have already used the company’s services is always important, but for B2B sites they are of particular importance. After all, persons who will make a purchasing decision on behalf of a client need to make sure that the company can be fully trusted, since this is usually a significant amount. The feedback from real customers who are already cooperating with the company helps to dispel doubts.

Examples of using

The so-called cases, or examples of use, is one of the important elements of the usability of a B2B site. Business customers want to know how other companies already use the products in question, what benefits they have already managed to get from cooperation. It is important at the same time that the cases presented on the B2B website should indicate as accurate and clear information as possible.

Pricing information

On the one hand, business customers would like to immediately find out what the price of a particular product or group of products is, and on the other hand, it is not always possible to pre-calculate the exact price if the product is additionally adapted to the needs of each individual customer. As a result, if prices for goods are formed individually for each business client, it is better not to mislead visitors by indicating prices immediately on the product pages. Conversely, if the price of each product is constant, you do not need to hide it.

Discount Information

Given that B2B sites usually talk about buying goods in batches at once, discounts would be very interesting to potential buyers. Therefore, from the point of view of the usability of a B2B site, it will be useful to display on the product page how much will be saved if you order a lot of goods in a lot. This will highlight the benefits of collaboration.

Repeat purchases

The process of purchasing goods in the business-to-business segment is usually quite complex. Therefore, from the point of view of usability, it may be useful to offer business customers a simplified re-purchase scheme. For example, if the buyer regularly purchases the same group of goods, we can offer him to make the re-purchase automatic. This will save time – one of the most valuable resources in the business.

Aspects of usability of B2B sites include many other features, in addition to the above. Using them correctly, creating a convenient and reliable tool for solving business problems on the Internet, is a task for a professional web design studio, such as WebStudio2U. Together with you, we will develop the optimal solution for successfully building business relations with your company’s partners on the Internet, which will correspond to the individual characteristics of your activity and will enable you to use the powerful potential of modern Internet marketing for the benefit of your business.

An effective, modern, convenient and stylish website for your business is waiting for you in WebStudio2U web design studio right now!

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