The browsers we choose
Now let's talk about browsers. And what to say about them, you say, and so everything is clear - this is the program with which we look at Web pages.…

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Computer hardware configuration
What is described below suggests that you want to make a beautiful and stylish website completely do-it-yourself, i.e. you draw all the graphic elements yourself, write the pages yourself, scan…

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Furniture site design
Immediately after the publication of the post with the best examples of furniture sites, we came across an interesting English-language article with a similar theme. It contains a selection of…

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What are longreads on sites

The so-called longreads are one of the leading web design trends in 2015, and also, as expected, in 2016. With the help of long reads, sites today do not just share information with their visitors, but tell whole stories, enhancing the effect of engagement. About what Longrid is and how it differs from the usual information or advertising content on the site, we will discuss in more detail below.

The term “Longrid” can literally be translated as “long reading” – from the English. “Long read”. Accordingly, this term today most often refers to large-sized text materials, which take a lot of time to read. However, it would not be entirely true to say that longreads differ from ordinary texts on websites only in their length: this type of texts also has other features.

For example, any longread, in addition to the text itself, also contains multimedia content, such as illustrations and photographs, videos or infographics. And such content not only complements the content of the material, but is also a direct part of it. As a result, text, graphics, and video operate on an equal footing in Longride, embodying a completely new format for submitting information on the Internet.

Today, longreads are considered one of the most promising varieties of thematic content on sites. Usually they are opposed to informational texts, but also long reads can become an alternative for advertising materials. For example, recently landing page, advertising a particular product or service, can be considered one of the varieties of longread.

As with other types of content, longreads are important to apply correctly. Indeed, far from all sites are longrid suitable, and not all long articles with a large number of images can be called longread. So it’s useful to get started with at least some basic stages of creating longreads for sites.


Of course, the creation of a LongRead always begins with the search and elaboration of his idea. It is necessary to decide what Longrid will tell readers about, why such a format will be convenient or advantageous in each particular case. It is important not to forget that the main goal of any longread is to tell a story, and without it the material can remain just a long text with pictures.


Drawing up a detailed plan for the future LongRid is one of the keys to success. In the plan it is necessary to display the sequence of information, the emphasis, the choice of accompanying multimedia content. Together with the plan, it is usually convenient to immediately sketch or mock up demonstrating how the elements of the longread will interact directly on the site page.

Material preparation

In accordance with the plan, you can prepare the necessary materials for the LongRead – text, images, infographics, video or audio clips. As a rule, the preparation of materials in the creation of longreads is divided into several parallel processes, which allows this stage to be completed as soon as possible.


In order for Longrid to “work,” it, of course, must look attractive on the page of the site. Moreover, both when displayed on a PC, and when displayed on mobile devices. To do this, it is important to pay great attention to the development of the LongRid design, paying attention, in particular, to such nuances as the location of multimedia content, the choice of fonts, and text formatting.


At the final stage, the prepared Longrid can only be published. Ways to publish are different. For example, in some cases, manual layout is used or the CMS (content management system) used by built-in tools is added, and in others, publication through online services for creating long reads is used. The selection of a suitable method is usually determined by the individual characteristics of the longread itself.

High-quality longread stands out as truly “deep” and “solid” material and attracts the attention of both the target audience of the site and search engines. Moreover, it “works” for the long term and allows for a very long period after publication to receive referrals from the search, social networks, etc. As a result, site traffic improves, and this leads to more efficient operation of the site as a whole.

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